Vues de l'exposition Journey Visits Me, W ramach Sopotu, PGS, Sopot, Pologne, 2020
Vues de l'exposition Swag & Threat, Trafo, Szczecin, Pologne, 2017
Tirage photographique, 300x300 cm
Souvenir en plastique - ready-made, sculpture
Vues de l'exposition Swag & Threat, Trafo, Szczecin, Pologne, 2017

The large-format photograph presented at the exhibition is a reference to the photographs of Thomas Ruff from the JPGs series. Maciej Stepinski, however, does not use Internet archives, but text messages on his smartphone. The photo is enlarged to a large format mms from 2010. It features the Range Rover, in which the artist rolled over during a race. For this "achievement”, he awarded himself a prize.
Swag & Threat is based around the topic of antagonism in contemporary artistic life in Poland. The exhibition has been inspired by the phenomena of beef and diss in the hip- hop culture. The first term represents an argument between two rappers, while the other one is used to describe an element of such argument – the open insulting of the opponent through pointing out his artistic (and other) shortcomings. (…) The project Swag & Threat aims to pick out the cases of conflict on the contemporary art scene. It can be interpreted from a number of different perspectives. On the one hand, the exhibition showcases works that openly problematize aggres- sion – against other artists or the viewer – suggesting there is not enough room for everyone in the art world. On the other one, we are inspired by the artists who – although they do not make direct statements, or they seldom claim they are better than the others – produce certain tension and look for confrontation in their works.
Curators: Lukasz Biackowski, Piotr Sikor
Vues de l'exposition Disparition Instinctive Despace, Galerie AL/MA, Montpellier, 2016
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