Bettina SAMSON 

Lévitation 2011
Bakélite, impression photographique, inox poli, aluminium, 90 x 90 x 90 cm
Vues de l'exposition Malluma materio, Galerie Nettie Horn, Londres, 2011
Photographies Guillaume Ziccarelli

The unorthodox spinning-top entitled Levitation incarnates this communion between diverse entities and dimensions. Using the cone of a plane propeller as the base of the sculpture, this apocryphal object seems to instigate a path linking the earth with the sky, and this despite its current immobility. A closer look at the object reveals the vestige of a previous spin where the spinning-top displays an intriguing black and white anamorphic image. Sourced from a Russian book on Siberian shamanism, this photograph taken in the early 1900’s represents a couple from the Evenk people posing in a forest and in front of an enigmatic and levitating long black shape (which is in fact an aerial coffin) mysteriously suspended from the tree heights... Informed by traditions and beliefs, Samson’s interest lies in the transitional process between one world and another which she addresses by smoothly playing with notions of anachronism and parallelism.

Image de l'anamorphose