Bettina SAMSON 

First colour photograph of the solar spectrum with Reindeers' skin 2011
Chêne, plexiglas, peau de renne, impression sur plexiglas, 145 x 105 x 110 cm
Vues de l'exposition Malluma materio, Galerie Nettie Horn, Londres, 2011

First photography of the solar spectrum, with reindeer's skin references Marcel Duchamp’s Fresh Widow and resonates as a tribute to modern architecture. In this piece, the first pane of the sliding window is kept black while the second one carries the reproduction of Samson's previous work First photograph of the solar spectrum, discoloured by time, with absorption spectrum, a representation of the first ever colour photograph of the solar spectrum. In a Duchampian logic and by voluntarily making the window panes opaque, Samson reverses the codes of the nature of light in order to question the invisibility of parallel worlds and their similarity.